November 13, 2021

3:00 - 6:00pm GMT

Are you struggling with a short fuse right now?


Overwhelm is the new norm…

After nearly two years of uncertainty, restrictions and loss, it is understandable that our nerves our frayed and our tempers are short.

It’s tough trying to stay calm...

Millions of people wound up and anxious; fights, screaming and even stabbings! All afraid they’ll run out of petrol…

The world is in a mess!

It’s painful to be part of this world crisis. It hurts to witness the devastation of chronic fear of sickness and loss.

Are you struggling to keep your head?

If you are finding it hard to cope, fighting to keep your head above water, or simply feel numb to it all, this is simply your nervous system trying to protect you.

What if you could prioritise your mental health?

Common problems, such as anxiety and depression have skyrocketed as our feelings of helplessness increase and our personal power drops to an all-time low.

You’re not alone!

Everyone is struggling in some way right now, even if they don’t admit it or show it. Chronic stress is exhausting many of us, the smallest thing is setting us off, many tasks seem much harder and relationships are strained.

Press Pause Just for You…

We can’t change the external chaos, but we can tend to our fears, frustrations and heartache that this global situation and everyday stress brings.

We can’t stop the waves… Press Pause Just for You…

The craziness may carry on, and there’s no doubt things are tough, but you don’t have to brave it alone. Why not join us, Kathryn, Liz and the Kind Mind Team for 3 hours of respite?

Join us for World Kindness Day!

Take a break from the chaos and relax… Have some fun, be inspired and enjoy 3 hours of heart-centred relief with Kathryn, Liz and the Kind Mind Academy Team on 13 November at 3pm London time.

Come Home

to Kindness…

Ease your stress, soothe your nerves and create a kinder, happier you. Have fun finding out what kindness means to you, make up a limerick about self-kindness and light a candle for the world.

They say Laughter

is the Best Medicine…

Press pause on the uncertainty… relax, laugh, learn and celebrate being kind to yourself and others. Join us for some light-hearted fun, letting go of worries and coming together to celebrate with a smile and song!

Relax, Recharge and

Be Kind to Yourself!

Pull up a chair, get comfy and relax with us for 3 hours of Kindness activities. Enjoy a kindful meditation, a kindness song or two and some fantastic kindness conversations. Feel more grounded, calmer and compassionate so you can face the world refreshed, empowered and encouraged.


Kathryn Lovewell and Liz Walker are the founders of Kind Mind Academy. Their mission is to help millions of people learn to be kind to themselves, even when things go wrong. They desire to raise awareness about what is possible when you are kind to yourself. Spreading the message of self-kindness and helping to cultivate self-compassion throughout the world is their ultimate vision.  Join them on World Kindness Day to continue sowing seeds of self-kindness.

The Details


The mini summit will run from 3.00pm to 6.00pm (GMT) on Saturday 13th November 2020 with a variety of kindness activities to lift your spirits, inspire your mind and soothe your body.


Enjoy three hours of kindness celebrations from the comfort of your own sofa, bed or yoga mat!  Tune into the summit from anywhere with the magic of the Internet.


The mini summit will be offered in webinar style, so you can truly let your hair down and relax. No cameras, no 'you're on mute' for you! The kindness activities will vary in length. Some will be interactive and some will be pre-recorded. This is a LIVE event, so press pause on your to-do list and make the kind choice to give yourself 3 hours of self-kindness. Stop waiting for the right time and take kind action along with hundreds of others looking to live a kinder life.

Prizes & Party It Up

We take self-kindness very seriously, but we also love a good party!  As a WKD attendee you’ll have the chance to win fantastic self-kindness PRIZES based on full participation!  Fun games and GREAT GIVEAWAYS including our life-saving Kindness Bands & our mini-retreats will be up for grabs!  Come on in and join the fun!  

Let’s play full out by celebrating World Kindness Day together.


The Presenters


Now for the part you’ve been waiting for. Here are the wonderful speakers you’ll hear from at THE WORLD KINDNESS DAY SUMMITComing Home to Kindness

Kathryn Lovewell
Kind Mind Academy

Liz Walker
Kind Mind Academy

Dr. Barbara Payman
Kind Mind Academy

Johnny Henderson
Live Different Youth Programs

Dr. Steven Hickman
Center for Mindful Self-Compassion

Nirmala Mehendale
World Kindness Movement

Jane O'Shea
Word Remedies

Nimo Patel

Edwina Ricci
Maroondah Positive Education Network

Lama Gelongma Zangmo
London Buddhist Centre 

As you can see by this incredible lineup,

you are NOT going to want to miss this event.



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