Daily Practice

"Meditate. Let the light of the heart engulf you."   
~ Chidvilasananda

LIVE DAILY Meditation Practice online, 7 days a week, 365 days of the year!  Exclusively for individuals who are Graduates of Kind Mind Academy.

Join Kathryn and other Kind Minders sitting together every day for formal meditation practice. Enjoy the care and encouragement of the community to develop your MSC practice in a safe and guided way.

One of the most powerful ways to deepen your relationship with yourself is to give yourself time to ‘sit on your cushion’. One of the biggest barriers to this, is carving out the time and keeping your promise to yourself!  We have the solution to these and many other barriers that may prevent you from developing your formal meditation practice.

We offer a free live morning meditation (UK Time) 7 days a week all year round.  We even come together for Christmas Day and other special holidays. In fact we love to be together for these memorable moments!

You will be welcomed to join us (usually in our pyjamas, with our designer bed-head!!) to simply sit together and meditate. There will be a Kind Minder Volunteer to guide the practice, so even if you are a freshly graduated, you will have a hand to hold as you embrace your formal practice.

This opportunity is EXCLUSIVELY for Kind Mind ALUMNI ONLY and one of the most extraordinary benefits of learning MSC with Kind Mind Academy.

Regular practice will undoubtedly help you deepen your relationship with yourself and develop your personal practice in a safe and supported way. We look forward to welcoming you to our unique Circle of Compassion.

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“The daily meditation offered by Kind Mind Academy brings me the possibility of settling in myself before going into the challenges of the day.  It is a kind companionship for life.”

Eliana Arruda, PhD. Lecturer at University of Brazil

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“Kathryn and Liz have created a beautiful community through their unique approach. This gives a powerful foundation for my regular meditation practice. I attend 3 or 4 kind mind academy morning meditation sessions every week and they provide a vital way to keep my practice alive. Despite a qualification to teach mindfulness meditation and knowing the value that regular practice brings, I've struggled to maintain my practice over the years. There's something about the non-judgemental, welcoming and peaceful space cultivated by Kathryn and Carole that keeps me coming back day after day, week after week.”

Lucy Whitehall, Masters Level Coach, Positive Psychologist & Trainer

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"I had never had a meditation habit when I came to the 8 week course. I knew the evidence, I had friends who were evangelical about it, I even encouraged clients to try it, as well as downloading the Calm app more times than I care to mention. I now meditate formally at least three times a week, and often five or six times. And it's all because of how Kathryn and Carole set the whole thing up, and then support it with the 7am group. The group itself is also the most caring, easeful, encouraging, humorous bunch of people you could wish to meet.”

Sarah David, Management Consultant and Executive Coach

Benefits of joining our regular daily meditation practice…

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💜  A safe space to develop your personal practice with fellow Kind Minders.

💜  A simple and easy way to begin your formal meditation and cultivate a happy habit of self-compassion practice.

💜  An opportunity to help you grow your confidence to sit on your cushion regularly.

💜  A caring group of Kind Minders to welcome you each morning, alleviating any feelings of aloneness or isolation.

💜  Warm, friendly and fun way to start your day.

💜  Judgement-free zone to drop-in whenever you feel drawn or are able.

Join Our Circle Here
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What are the benefits of being a Kind Minder?

💜   There are many benefits to being a Kind Minder – this we believe is one of the biggest!

💜  Where else in the world can you receive free guided meditation practice every day, 7 days a week, 365 days of the year in an intimate way?

💜  Being a Kind Minder means you belong to a community that care for you and that supports you in your mission to be more self-compassionate.

💜  Being a Kind Minder means you are never alone and can reach out for support in our circle of compassion.

💜  Being a Kind Minder means you can relax, knowing you are in a safe and respectful environment, where MSC Guiding Principles are honoured.

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