Keeping Your Practice Alive

"Freedom is not the absence of commitments, but the ability to choose and commit myself to what is best for me."   ~ Paulo Coelho

Nourish to Flourish!

12 Session Self-Compassion Deep Dive Annual Programme – online.
For Graduates of Mindful Self-Compassion training programme who are committed to their self-compassion practice and personal growth.

This MSC Graduate programme is designed to keep your self-compassion alive and accessible in your everyday life. It has been crafted to help you ‘stay awake’ and remember to apply your informal practise in daily living!  It is structured to slot into your life without placing an unrealistic demand on your time.  Keeping Your Practice Alive provides the nourishment for you to flourish. 

This programme will provide the regular reminders you need to help keep your practice alive.  Finding the perfect balance of deepening your practice and juggling the demands of your often very busy life can be really tricky.  This monthly programme offers to support you with a light, yet deep touch, as you circumnavigate your way through the ups and downs of being human and all the messy moments you may face.

This is a year-long programme for graduates, specifically for those who want to make a genuine commitment to themselves and their continued practice. It designed to support all those who have successfully completed the Mindful Self-Compassion training in the 8 session, 5 day or 10 week formats.

This unique, deep-dive into all things self-compassionate provides the rare opportunity to investigate aspects of yourself, such as your core patterns, your responses to external stimuli and difficult emotions. It is for the courageous and committed.

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“This is my second year participating in this wonderful programme. We meet monthly and delve more deeply into our practice learning, sharing and supporting each other to grow and reflect more deeply. The richness of the group and the powerful sharing is so helpful to me on my own self-compassion journey.”

Pauline Neary, Urban Escapee & Recovering Perfectionist

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“Like all the courses run by Kathryn and Liz, they are soaked in kindness gentleness, allowance of what is here and awareness.   I love that KYPA is not about fixing ourselves.   It’s about holding ourselves in the crazy life situations that we often have no control over and with a soft gentle voice, telling ourselves we’re okay.  ”

Melony Weatherall, Spiritual Companion

You are unlikely to require this programme if…

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💜  You have mastered your practice!

💜  You have mastered your life!

💜  You have mastered all your relationships including the one with yourself!

💜  You are unruffled by any difficulties that arise in your life…

💜  You stay cool as a cucumber when you make a mistake!

💜  You have fully befriended your inner critic…

💜  You are 100% living in alignment with your core values…

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Did we mention we have a fabulous sense of humour? Let’s face it, we need one right now! Join us in a magical adventure to uncover anything unlike kindness and compassion, so we can shine a light of love and understanding on it and set ourselves free.


Keeping Your Practice Alive is open to ANY Graduate of Mindful Self-Compassion with ANY MSC facilitator from around the world.

The Details

Places are by application only. CLICK HERE to apply.  Once accepted on to the programme, registration will open in November for a January start.  We will meet online third Sunday of each month, for two hours.  Starting at 7pm GMT (London, UK time).

This programme is for you if…

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💜  You want a regular monthly MSC boost!

💜  You want to deepen your MSC practice.

💜  You want to further cultivate your compassionate voice. 

💜  You want to revive your commitment and strengthen your understanding. 

💜  You want to nourish yourself and your practice.

💜  You want to deepen or restore self-kindness into your everyday living.

💜  You want to explore new depths of self-compassion.

💜  You want to have fun, friendship and fulfilment!

💜  You want to be part of something meaningful, rich and beautiful…

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Kathryn and Liz are wonderfully complementary teachers, guides and fellow practitioners. I feel very blessed to have these wise, engaging, funny and deeply human women lead my MSC journey.

Sarah David, Management Consultant and Executive Coach

Why commit to keeping your practice alive?

💜  MSC is dose dependent. With a regular, monthly deep dive, you can be sure to keep your self-compassion practice animated.

💜  You will belong to what is essentially a mastermind group that is committed to deepening their understanding of self-compassion and themselves.

💜  Steep in common humanity and the permission this brings to be fully human

💜  Send a signal to your body and heart that you are genuinely committed to living a self-compassionate life

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